Sushiquik Complete Sushi Making Starter Kit with Aroma Rice Cooker


Sushiquik Complete Sushi Making Starter Kit with Aroma Rice Cooker

This complete sushi starter kit with everything you need to successfully make sushi. It is the World’s best sushi kit including Sushiquick, rice cooker, nori sheets, rice vinegar, sushi rice, ginger, wasabi and sesame seeds.

Before you can make the sushi, the most important thing is choosing the right type of rice, This kit comes with Nishiki Japanese rice which is good for making sushi rice. Next you need to make the rice. Making good rice is the essence of making good sushi so it is extremely important.

After you are done preparing the sushi rice, you need to roll the sushi. Rolling a perfect roll of sushi takes a lot of practices. Luckily this kid come with a sushi roller kit that makes it so easy to roll and cut your sushi into beautiful and even pieces.

After you are done cutting the sushi, place the sushi on the sushi plate along with some pickle ginger. Put some wasabi and soy sauce into the small sauce dish, you are ready to enjoy a wonderful sushi with your family or Friends.

Don’t you feel like something is missing. What else can be a better match with sushi? The answer is sake. Pour some sake into the sake bottle and serve it with sushi. Now you are ready to enjoy sushi just like the way you do in a nice Japanese restaurant.

This sushi kit is perfect for anyone to make professional sushi at home. It is good for yourself, but it makes a great present as well.