Sanrio Hello Kitty

Sanrio  was founded as a company selling silk and product in the 1950s. However in the 1960s, they increased their product line to small and simple gift items towards elementary kids by accident. In the 1970s one of the in-house designers created Hello Kitty and then the company’s stationery, gifts, accessories and school supplies have sold worldwide. Sanrio’s most well known character is Hello Kitty, but there are other popular characters are The Little Twin Starts, My Melody, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Chococat and Cinnamoroll. The company has created about 50 characters and here is a list of Sanrio’s characters. Besides merchandises Sanrio also has music, TV shows, movies and games.

Hello Kitty, a white cat wearing a red bow on her left ear with an invisible mouth,  is the primary spokesanimal for Sanrio. She was born in the suburbs of London, England on November 1, 1974. Her height is about 5 apples,  weight is about 3 apples and blood type is A. Kitty White was actually her full name. However her first debut was on a clear coin purse and her picture was under the word “Hello” so teenage girls started to call her Hello Kitty.  She is very close to her twin sister Mimmy wearing a yellow bow on her right ear who is shy and very girly. There are a few things she likes. The first one is her mom’s homemade apple pie. The second one is baking cookies. The third one is collecting cute things. English, music and art are her favorite subjects in school. She is considered to be smart and kind. More information about Hello Kitty.