Sumikko Gurashi

San-X Sumikkogurashi

Sumikkogurashi is San-X new character. This character in English translation is Corner Living. It is reflection of Japanese people’s shy nature causing them to like to hid in the corners. Every character has some personality issue so they love to hide in the corner.

Japanese people love corners. They want to make sure they get the corner seats while they are riding trains and going to the surrounding cafes. Why do corner sooth them? With this kind of feeling as a theme, Sumikkogurashi character made its debut. Always cold Shirokuma, lack of confidence Pengin, leftover Tonkatsu along with six other characters appear to be a little bit negative but full of personalities.

Character Profile


Shirokuma is a white bear. Always cold and afraid of strangers white bear ran away from the north. Drinking warm tea is able to calm him down.


Pengin  is a  penguin He question himself as being a penguin. He has no confidence.  A long time ago, he had a plate on his head.


Tonkatsu  is a pork Cutlet. He is an accident. He is 1% meat and 99% fat. He appears to be oily.