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San-X Characters

San-X is a Japanese stationery company and it is known for creating cute anthropomorphic characters that are representations of animals, inanimate objects or people’s  inclination. All characters can be divided into four categories, animal, food, object and spirit. The list of  San-X characters are quiet long. Here are a few that are well know.

Nyan Nyan Nyanko SanX


Nyan Nyan Nyanko are small and white kittens that love to appear in food items like hamburgers, sweets, Chinese food, Japanese food and fruits. They also like to be in various themes like hot spring, summer festival, amusement park or on the river. You can find their pictures on various stationary items.

Mamegoma San X

Mamegoma are little seals who love to eat soybeans. They have different color white, pink, blue black or mixed color. Sometimes they dress in various costumes like rabbit, panda, squirrel, penguin etc. You can find them on stationary or accessory.