Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum Ticket Service

Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum Ticket Service

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Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum Ticket Service

One of the greatest things about making a visit to Japan is going to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. It’s truly a magical place, as important to fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s films as Disneyland is to Disney fans, and we love it a lot. You can see life-sized nekobus and Laputa robot, wander through the wood-carved hallways and peer through stained-glass windows sporting images from Ghibli films, see the desk and reference materials Miyazaki-sensei used when creating his films, and more. There’s also a theater, where you get to see an original short Ghibli film. Not least of all is the giftshop, where you can buy wonderful Ghibli toys that are only sold there.

There’s one small problem for Ghibli fans visiting from outside Japan: tickets to get into the museum must be bought in advance, and are difficult to buy internationally, especially through the Internet. Ghibli wants to avoid crowding in the museum, which is why tickets must be bought in advance and why there’s a cut-off. To help our customers who would like to go see the museum, we’ve decided to start a service selling these tickets.

Access to the museum is $18.50 for adults, $14 for junior high and high school, $8 for elementary school and $2.50 for age 4 and under. (Note that the ticket we send you are normal paper tickets, which are exchanged for cool “film reel” tickets at the museum.) When planning a trip here, we recommend you check the dates and buy the tickets through us when you know the date you want to go.

You should view the official site of the Ghibli Museum for information on the museum as well as how to get there when in Tokyo. Note that the schedule for the movies shown in the Saturn Theatre aren’t published in English. Here is the Japanese language page for Ghibli Museum films, and a Google translation of this page (click the link that says “Read More” to see the actual schedule.

How to get to Ghibli Museum from Tokyo?


Ghibli Museum Map

Address: 1-1-83 Simorenjaku, Mitaka-shi,
Tokyo 181-0013

Within Mitaka Inokashira Park.
To Mitaka station, take the JR Chuo Line. Approx. 20 min. from Shinjuku station.
From the Mitaka South Exit, approx. 15 min. walk along the Tamagawa Josui “Waterworks” to the museum.

A Community Bus is in operation from Mitaka Station to the Museum.

Ghibli Museum Bus Stop  Ghibli Museum Bus  Ghibli Museum Bus

【Fare】 Adult: 210yen(one-way) , 320yen(round-trip)
Child(12 and Under): 110yen(one-way), 160yen(round-trip)

Here is the bus schedule to the Ghibli Museum from Mitaka station (South Exit / Buss stop #9)

Bus Timetable to Ghibli Museum

The museum does not have parking space for cars.


When the tickets are purchased we will mail them to you (we highly recommend EMS shipping, which is speedy and tractable). Note that the tickets can generally only be purchased by us 2 months in advance of the date you want to visit, but we’ll be happy to get them as soon as they become available for purchase.

This offer is a service by J-List to our customers. Void where prohibited. Unfortunately tickets cannot be refunded once purchased so please confirm dates before purchasing.