Flying Fish Roe 4 oz – Tobiko Caviar Orange Sushi Grade

Flying Fish Roe 4 oz - Tobiko Caviar Orange Sushi Grade

Flying Fish Roe 4 oz – Tobiko Caviar Orange Sushi Grade

When you order golden California roll, it comes with orange tobiko. The orange tobiko doesn’t really have flavor but it pops in your mouth. Other than orange tobiko, there are green, red and black as well. Green color is wasabi flavor. Red is plum flavor and black is caviar. The flavor is very subtle so it only adds a little touch of flavor to the sushi.

Why do restaurants use different color of tobiko? One of the reasons is to make sushi look colorful. Another reason is to arouse customers’ curiosity. Since most people are used to seeing orange tobiko by adding different color, customers are more than likely to give it a try. This flavored flying fish roe is a fundamental eye-catching accompaniment for professional sushi chefs and the home connoisseurs. If 4 oz tobiko is too much for you, there are 2 oz available as well.


Flying Fish Roe 2 oz – Tobiko Caviar Sushi Grade


Now let’s make some sushi with tobiko. Before you can make sushi, it is important to cook and prepare good sushi rice. Don’t worry! The video is going to show you how to wash, cook and  prepare the perfect sushi rice.



After you prepare the sushi rice, this chef is going to show you how to make Gunkan sushi with orange tobiko. Once you learn the basic skills, you can make it with different color of tobiko.



SushiquikIf you prefer making sushi roll, instead of rolling it with the traditional sushi mate, it will be easier to use Sushiquik Sushi Making Kit.  In this video you are going to learn how to make California roll with sesame seeds. However you can make golden California roll, simply replace sesame seeds with orange tobiko. Why not make it more fun by using green, red or black tobiko?



Red Plum Sushi Plate for TwoSushi is not just about the flavor, the presentation plays an important role as well. After you are done making sushi, it time to think about how to present it. Since the color of the tobiko is bright so it will look good with this red plum sushi plate that has white background.


Yamamotoyama Green TeaNow you need some drink to go with your sushi. Some people like sake, but I think a green tea would be just fine. Try this sushi bar style Yamamotoyama green tea. It is a delicious and fresh accompaniment, this mild and fresh flavor goes well with fresh fish, such as sushi.


 Tea Cup Selection


You have the tea selected. What cup should you use for the  tea? An authentic hand-made Japanese Yunomi Sparrow & Bamboo tea cup or a Owl tea cup or a Plum tea cup is perfect for serving the sushi bar style green tea. Now you are ready to enjoy your restaurant quality sushi at home with your love one or friends.