Emotiional Dolls

Angry Emotional DollWe can feel our own emotions but we can’t see them. I thought it would be interesting to draw emotions and that’s why I came out with my own collection of Emotion Dolls. Someone may wonder how to draw emotions. I thought about that for a long time as well. I kept thinking about it for at least 6 months. One night before I went to bed, I was able to these little dolls in my brain. Then I jumped out of my bed and I began to draw. When I saw them on a piece of paper, I was full of joy because they made sense to me hopefully you would agree with me.

There are four inter related parts on each doll and they are imagination, expression, temper (temperature) and Chi. When someone is angry, the imagination is fire, the expression is anger, the temper is high and Chi is strong. However when someone is sad, the imagination is a tear drop, the expression is sad, the temper is low and  Chi is weal. There are total of six different Emotional Dolls for now and they are Angry, Happy, Sad, Sacred, Hopeful and Gone Blank. There are going to be some new one in the future, but I don’t know when.