Electric Boy

Electric Boy

Electric Boy is very honest and popular in the community so we decide to hire him as the spoke person for our site-Things From Japan. He will share with you his favorite items. Don’t worry! He will not try to trick you.

Electric Boy

Background of Electric Boy

Dr.G originally created Electric Boy as a rechargeable battery starting in the mid 1960. After a couple of years of testing and refinement, he was nearly completion. On February 11th, 1968, Dr.G decided to test him for the very last time to make sure everything was working properly. However, in the middle of the testing, there was a power outage in the lab.

Suddenly all the lights went out, Dr. G was not able to see anything so he knocked over some chemical solutions on the table. By the time when the lights came back up, there were smoke everywhere. After the plume of smoke was almost gone, Dr. G was looking for him, but he was no where to be found.

Meanwhile, the battery is traveling at the speed of light to the year of 2011. His speed gradually decreases and eventually comes to a stop. Then he arrives in a park.

At the same time, Nono, a yellow dox, is playing at the park as well. Nono walks towards him trying to figure out what he is. He is scared because he never sees anything like the dox before. The yellow dox asks him to leave the park because that’s the dox’s private property. Even though he doesn’t understand what the dox is saying, he can understand that the yellow dox is hot under the collar by reading Nono’s visage.

Then the yellow dox’s owner Yumi comes to the park looking for Nono. Nono tries to prevent Electric boy from being seen by Yumi. However, Yumi has noticed there is something behind Nono. Yumi asks Nono to let her see it. When Yumi first sees him, she is very excited because he looks very different from any other animals that she has ever seen. He senses Yumi’s kindness so he is happy to meet her.

Yumi decides to take him home. After Yumi gets home, she asks grandma to take a look at him. At the first glance, grandma thinks he is a devil because of those two horns on his head. Yumi tries to convince grandma that he is just a unique looking animal. After a while, Yumi’s daddy comes home, and Yumi tells her daddy that she is going to keep Electric boy.

Then mom comes out of the kitchen after finishing preparing dinner. Mom disagree to let Yumi keeps him at first. However, grandma asks Yumi’s mom to let Yumi keep him. Finally they all agree to keep him, except Nono since Nono likes to be the center of the attention. It seems like the new creature will become the crux of Yumi’s family so Nono doesn’t want him to be in the house.

While they are eating dinner, they offer him a variety of food, but he doesn’t seem to be interested. Then mom walks to the kitchen to unplug the rice cooker. When he sees the outlet, he gets very excited. Grandma thinks he likes the rice cooker so she takes him to the kitchen. As soon as he sees the socket, he jumps onto the wall and plugs his teeth into the outlet. Grandma tries to pull him out of the socket, but he holds on to the outlet so tightly. All of a sudden, they realize he eats electricity so they name him “Electric Boy”.


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