Things from Japan

Cute Japanese Stuff

There are so many cute and interesting Japanese things that will blow your mind away. Every time when I look at the vibrant Japanese stuff reminds me of the moment of walking into a colorful candy store. The excitement and fun emerge all at once, you can’t describe the feeling simply by words. There are so many things that you have never seen before, screaming and giggling are the way to reflect your emotions. This is going to be like a candy store filled with cute and amusing things from Japan that will put a smile on your face.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at our little Japanese friends from San-X and Sanrio such as Sentimental Circus and Hello Kitty and other new characters. These cute buddies will take you to the Kawaii wonderland for a joyful excursion. They will transform your donkey work into a child’s play. The sensation is just wonderful. Besides pals from San-X and Sanrio, chums from Miyazaki’s films such as Totoro and Gigi are amazing, too. After watching My Neighbor Totoro, don’t you want to be embraced by Totoro’s spirit? What about Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service? Isn’t he adorable? Gigi is not only cute in the movie, but also cute as a plush. You will also find other Japanese cartoon characters make their appearance on the site gradually.

Other than animation items and cute things, there are going to be more Japanese products on the site such as Japanese toys, dishes and bento box, I would love  to share with you what’s in Japan. Japanese culture is so fascinating to me so I am always interesting in learning or reading more about it. Their products are reflections of their wonderful culture. Let’s begin the Japanese journey.