Cats & Piano Japanese Fabric by Cosmo

Cats & Piano Japanese Fabric by Cosmo


Cats & Piano Japanese Fabric by Cosmo

This is not just any black cat. He is a great pianist. Notes he plays are so magical make people want to dance with them.  He wants to bring people joy when they listen his performance.  His favorite piece is Music Box dancer. This fabric is a reflection of his happy music and it is great for making a pouch, a bag, an apron, a button, a skirt or even a dress. After you are done, you can use it or give it to your friend as a present. This cat will be sure to play some wonderful and joyful notes to put  your friend in a happy mood.



100% cotton

smooth cotton fabric

size of the piano stripe: 9.7cm (3.8″)

fabric width: 110cm (43.3″)

fabric length (per unit ordered): 50cm (0.54 yards)

weight: 140g per m²

Care Instructions (by the manufacturer)

machine wash cold (30°C)

do not tumble dry

iron as necessary

PLEASE NOTE: 1 fabric unit is 50cm / 0.54yards. If you need 1 yard of fabric or more, please input the total units and we will send you the fabric in one piece.